Stimulus creation, connection to MATLAB and logging of data.

Namespace: ExpSuite
Assembly: FrameWork (in FrameWork.exe) Version:


Visual Basic
Friend NotInheritable Class STIM


Important Properties of STIM

  • GenerationMode*: 0: genElectricalRIB; 1: genAcoustical; 2: genElectricalNIC; 3: genElectricalRIB2
  • LoggingMode*: 0: don '''t log to disk (not recommended); 15: log everything to disk
  • DestinationDir*: root directory for disk access, work dir will be created here
  • WorkDir: working directory, all files are created here
  • ID*: name of experiment, work directory will begin with ID
  • Description: description of experiment, may contain blanks and special characters. Description will be encoded (UUE) and logged
  • FirstName: first name of subject
  • LastName: last name of subject
  • Caption: caption of the STIM-list in the parent application
  • MATLABServer*: name of the MATLAB-Server. Leave empty for local server. A nonlocal server can'''t use graphical functions as plot and figure.
  • ShowStimulusFlags: Flags which are passed to ShowStimulus.
  • SourceDir*: Fitting files are copied from this directory
  • UseMatlab*: Set false if you don'''t want to connect to the Matlab server. All Matlab functionality will be disabled.
  • CreateWorkDir*: set false if you don'''t want to create a new work directory. Caution: a new log file with a time stamp will be created, but the stimlog.csv will be overwritten!

  • *: required before Init()

    Created directory structure



    - source directory [SourceDir]


    - fitting files


    - destination directory [DestinationDir]


    - working directory [work] (ID_YYYYMMDD_HHmmss)


    - current fitting file left [fittL] (.fitt)

    - current fitting file right [fittR] (.fitt)

    - generated stimulation files (stimXXXX.EXT)

    - generated parameter file (stimXXXX.csv)

    - generated logfile [logfile] (ID_YYYYMMDD_HHmmss.csv)

    Auto naming of files:
  • YYYYMMDD: Year, month, day
  • HHmmss: hour, minute, second
  • XXXX: serial number, 4 digits
  • EXT: ".stim" in electricalRIB and ".wav" in acoustical mode
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