The clsItemList type exposes the following members.


Protected methodAddCol
Add a column to the item list.
Protected methodAppend
Append a CSV file to the existing item list.
Protected methodCheckItem(Int32, String%)
Check the content of an item for a valid value according to defined flags of the column.
Protected methodCheckItem(String, String)
Check if value (szX) is a valid data type for column Col.
Protected methodClear
Clears a defined item list.
Protected methodItemStamp
Stamp the current item as "processed without errors".
Protected methodLoad
Load an item list from a CSV file.
Protected methodNextItem(Single)
Notify Framework about processing of next item in experiment.
Protected methodNextItem(Int32, Single)
Notify Framework about processing of next item in experiment.
Public methodRenumberIndex
Renumber index in item list.
Protected methodReset
Reset item list to a new, not defined one.
Protected methodSetOptimalColWidth
Sets the optimal column width for displaying the item list.
Protected methodShuffleItems(array<Int32>[]()[][])
Shuffle items.
Protected methodShuffleItems(Int32, Int32)
Shuffle items.

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