The FWintern type exposes the following members.


Public methodStatic memberCheckConstant
Check a Constant against restrictions.
Private methodStatic memberCheckElectrode
Check Electrode.
Private methodStatic memberCheckValue
Check a value against from Variables or Constants its restrictions.
Don't use CheckValue directly, use FWIntern.CheckVariable or FWIntern.CheckConstant instead.
Public methodStatic memberCheckVariable
Check a Variable against restrictions.
Public methodStatic memberGetNextFileVersion
Get the next file version and number the file name.
Public methodStatic memberGetUboundConstants
Get the number of experimental constants.
Public methodStatic memberGetUboundVariables
Get the number of experimental variables.
Public methodStatic memberWaitHP
High Precision Counter support.
Public methodStatic memberWaitSleepHP
High Precision Counter support with deactivation.

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