FrameWork - Declarations and general methods.

The FWintern..::..AudioSynth type exposes the following members.


Public fieldHighCut
Upper cut off frequency [Hz]
Public fieldLowCut
LowCut Lower cut off frequency [Hz]
Public fieldPar1
Additional parameter depending on Signal. Frequency [Hz] for Signal = Cosine; Low cut off frequency [Hz] for Signal = LP white noise.
Public fieldSignal
Signal Type of signal to generate:
  • 0: Not used
  • 1: Pink noise
  • 2: White noise
  • 3: Cosine
  • 4: Low pass filtered white noise, 4th order butterworth
  • 5: Low pass filtered white noise, 16th order butterworth
  • Public fieldVol
    Volume in dB FS.

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