The frmExp type exposes the following members.


Public methodAllowResizing
Enable/disable resizing and moving the experiment screen.
Public methodDisableResponse
Disable response controls.
Public methodEnableResponse
Enable response controls.
Public methodGetResponse
Get the response code.
Public methodGetValue
Get the response value from the subject.
Public methodInit
Initialize EXP module.
Public methodSetBreak
Set the experimental state to "break"
Public methodSetEndOfExperimentText
Sets the end-of-experimt text.
Public methodSetOnResponseCallback
Sets the callback on subject's response.
Public methodSetProgress
Set the value of progress bar.
Public methodSetRequestText
Sets the request text in the experiment. This may be the question to the subject or something else...
Public methodSetResponse
Set the response to a given code.
Public methodSetResponseButtons
Sets the HUI codes for the response, start and next buttons.
Public methodSetResponseKeys
Set the codes for the response, start and next keys.
Public methodSetResponseNames
Sets the caption of response buttons.
Public methodSetSize
Set the size and position of the experimental screen.
Public methodSetStartOfExperimentText
Sets the start-of-experiment text.
Public methodSetVisuCaption
Sets the caption of interval visualisation boxes (lblVisu)
Public methodShowBlankScreen
Show blank experimental screen.
Public methodShowEndScreen
Show the end-of-experiment screen.
Public methodShowHighlightedItem
Highlight an interval on the experimental screen.
Public methodShowNextScreen
Show the experimental screen for the next stimulus.
Public methodShowStartScreen()()()()
Show the experimental start screen.
Public methodShowStartScreen(String)
Show Start screen.
Public methodShowStimScreen
Show the experimental stimulation screen and highlight current stimulation interval.

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