Cut a part of a directory to get a string not longer than lWidth including an appendix szAppendix.

Namespace: ExpSuite
Assembly: FrameWork (in FrameWork.exe) Version:


Visual Basic
Private Function CutDirName ( _
	szDir As String, _
	lWidth As Integer, _
	szAppendix As String, _
	NoBackslash As Boolean _
) As String


Type: System..::..String
String containing directory.
Type: System..::..Int32
Width of the label.
Type: System..::..String
Additional appendix of the string. Will be considered calculating the total witdh of the caption.
Type: System..::..Boolean
Optional: If boolean is true, no backslash is appended to szDir.

Return Value

Cut string


Parts of szDir between two "\" will be removed to match the width of lWidth+Width(szAppendix). If szDir ends with a backslash, it will be removed After cutting a backslash is appended to the end of the cutted string (if optional boolean NoBackslash is not true), then the szappendix is appended. Works for frmMain only.

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