Create/Change stimulus using MATLAB functions.

Namespace: ExpSuite
Assembly: FrameWork (in FrameWork.exe) Version:


Visual Basic
Public Shared Function MatlabStimulus ( _
	szFunc As String, _
	ParamArray varPar As Object() _
) As String


Type: System..::..String
Name of the MATLAB function you want to call (case sensitive!)
Type: array<System..::..Object>[]()[][]
Comma-delimited list of variant values with parameters of called MATLAB function. Numeric, string or empty data types will be accepted. Strings without valid MATLAB quoting ('...') will be quoted. Any value containing the data type 'Empty' will be converted to an empty vector ([]).

Return Value

Zero-length if MATLAB function was executed without any errors. Contains the error message if any error occured.


On MatlabStimulus the function szFunc will be executed in MATLAB.
Passed parameters are:
  • stimVec: Stimulus vector. Empty vector on the first call after NewStimulus, result of previous calls. Appending of stimulus parts can achieved calling successively .MatlabStimulus.
  • stimPar: Stimulation parameters. Contains the structure STIMULUSPARAMETER, which is valid after .NewStimulus
  • all parameters in varPar()
  • The MATLAB function must have the following header: [newstimVec, newstimPar] = szFunc(stimVec,stimPar,varPar...)

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