The frmMain type exposes the following members.


Private methodClearParameters
Clear all settings.
Public methodCreateAllStimuli
Creates all stimuli.
Public methodCreateItemList
Creates an item list.
Private methodCutDirName
Cut a part of a directory to get a string not longer than lWidth including an appendix szAppendix.
Public methodNextItem
NextItem: use Itemlist.NextItem instead.
Public methodSetOnBreakCallback
Sets the callback on loading Settings in the dialog.
Public methodSetOutputStatus
Set the status of the output channels.
Public methodSetProgressbar
Set the progress bar to a value.
Public methodSetResultList
Set the Result List.
Public methodSetStatus
Private methodSetUIBusy
Set the user interface to state: busy
Public methodSetUIReady
Set the user interface to state: ready
Public methodStartExperiment
Starts an experiment.

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