The Acoustic Research Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

offers a position funded by the Innovation Fund of the Austrian Academy of Sciences for a

Doctoral Student.

The Acoustics Research Institute (ARI) is an interdisciplinary research institution of the Austrian
Academy of Sciences. It undertakes top-level research in psychoacoustics and experimental audiology;
acoustics phonetics; physical and computational acoustics; and mathematics and signal processing.
The close interaction of the working groups allows innovative research approaches based on the
synergy effects of multidisciplinary research. ARI employs ~40 academic, technical and administrative
staff. The position is assigned for the Physical and Computational Acoustics group in Vienna.

The candidate shall have basic knowledge in

Continuum Mechanics and Finite Element Methods (FEM)

and have to be familiar in programming with


Additionally, a basic knowledge in

Boundary Element Methods (BEM)

is helpful for the planned project “RailVib – Railway vibrations from tunnels” on the simulation of
vibrations from railways in tunnels.

The research topics are

- Implementation of an efficient BEM method for a layered anisotropic soil using Fourier integral
- Implementation of a FEM method for the superstructure of the railway and the tunnel wall
- Implementation of moving coordinates;
- Coupling of BEM and FEM;
- Processing of simulations;
- Participation on publications in journals and presentation of the results at conferences.
- A 3 month stay at the TU Munich is planned during the project phase.

General Qualifications:

- Diplom, Master’s or equivalent degree in civil engineering or mechanical engineering or audio
- engineering or applied physics or mathematics;
- Basic knowledge of numerical mathematics;
- The candidate shall be able to integrate into a multi-disciplinary research team.

The position is in a first stage limited for one year. An extension for one year is planned, if the
candidate fulfils the expectations. A further extension up to six years depends additionally on the
budget situation of the institute.

This is a full-time position. The gross salary is EUR 38,018.40 (before taxes, 14 payments a year) per
year according to the academy’s collective agreement. The employment is planned for 1. April 2018.

Applicants should submit a letter of application describing their suitability for this position and
interest in the project, and their curriculum vitae until 28. February 2018 to

Austrian Academy of Sciences
Acoustics Research Institute
Prof. DI Dr.-Ing. Holger Waubke
Wohllebengasse 12-14
1040 Vienna, Austria
by Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.