José Luis Romero START award

We are pleased to announce that José Luis Romero received a 2019 FWF START award for his project "Time Frequency Analysis, Randomness and Scanning". He works as a research associate at the Acoustics Research Institute. This funding enables the young scientist to set up his own research group. The project will be conducted both at the University of Vienna and at the Acoustic Research Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. The Acoustics Research Institute is proud to now have two START projects in parallel.

In his START project, Dr. Romero addresses the wide field of time-frequency analysis, which covers many areas of mathematics, as well as acoustics, wireless communication, statistical data analysis and mathematical physics. Time-frequency analysis is particularly successful in problems whose spectral properties change over time, and is a long-term research topic of the working group Mathematics and Signal Processing in Acoustics of the Acoustics Research Institute.