Acoustic Phonetics (PhD-Student; 75% Part-Time)


Academic Background

Julia Brandstätter studied General and Applied Linguistics at the University of Vienna where she graduated in 2007. Her thesis  was titled “Auswirkungen der Tiefen Hirnstimulation auf die Artikulation bei Parkinson-Patienten – eine akustisch-phonetische Untersuchung vokalischer Qualitäten” (Effects of Deep-Brain Stimulation on the Articulation of Parkinson’s Patients – an Acoustic-Phonetic Study of Vowels). She joined the Acoustics Research Institute in April 2008.

Research Interests

Her research interests include forensic phonetics and the description of vowel inventories of insufficiently described languages.

Current Research

Since 2011 Julia Brandstätter works as a PhD-student on the FWF-funded project “Vowel tensity in Standard Austrian and Standard German“ in cooperation with the Institute of Phonetics and Speech Processing, Munich.