The Recorder Setup show PPM bars pecifies the basic parameters, such as sampling frequency, mono/stereo, word length, maximum signal duration etc. in the left section of the dialog. Read more: Extended Recorder Setup for Online Signal Segmentation. 

Extended Recorder Setup for Online Signal Segmentation 

If both, show PPM graph and show PPM bars are selected, an alternative layout of the STrecorder appears. It enables the user to enter segment-tags at significant signal intersections of the running RMS-contour (such as pauses) already during the recording, which are used to generate then a raw segmentation. This feature spares a considerable amount of time, especially when recording long duration signals, because raw segments can already be generated during the recording. The segments created are automatically taken over by the STx Workspace segment list.


During the recording session the RMS-contour will be displayed in a stepwise progress allowing the user to enter a segment tag with CTRL-LEFT-mouse click at the signal position of free choice.

The control parameters for the RMS-time constant, the length of the display and the dynamic range, as well as for the sorted list of the tags entered, are located in the right hand section of the Recorder-Setup dialog. The naming convention for the segments can be specified by opening Auto Segment Name.  

It is worth mentioning that the accurate positioning of the segment boundaries can be changed later on in the Waveform (Viewer1) or in the Spectrogram (Viewer2) by means of CTRL-left and CTRL-right or by editing or creating a segment at the corrected cursor positions overwriting the raw segment addresses.

Auto-Run Real Time Analyzer (RTA)

If auto-run RTAnalyser is selected, the RTA will be started in parallel to the Recoder. The user is enabled to control the recording additionally in the frequency domain.

Note: due to system limitations this feature is available under Windows-XP and higher only.

Signal I/O Setup Harware and Driver Settings 

The Input/Output section of the STx Recorder Setup opens the Setup dialog for the selection of the appropriate audio-hardware to record and play soundfiles. Usually the default settings should be sufficient. If ASIO is enabled, the user may perform accurate checks of the correct sampling frequency and word length by means of applying calibration signals, because different audio subsystems and ASIO drivers may behave inconsistently. For further information and possible problems the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. should be consoulted.