high-speed train passing the microphone arrayMeasurements of noise of high speed trains (ICE-S from 200 km/h to 300 km/h) have been performed. Beam forming on horizontal as well as on vertical axis enables the identification of distinctive noise emissions generated from different sections of the trains passing by. Noise radiated from wheel-rail contact dominates at speeds up to 240km/h. At higher speeds flow noise originating from roof components and pantographs is clearly distinguishable.

Noise - Effects and Control

Noise is a subjective human reaction to unwanted acoustic signals. Sound intensity, tone pitches,sharpness, fluctuation strength, et al.also roughness, farther subjective callibration and motivational factors determine the level of disutility. The most hindrances for the construction of new high performance routes is currently responsible by train noises. The condition of wheels and rails have a significant bearing  on sound expansion.


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The EU-Commission (DG-XI, Environment) has decided to pursue the Noise Policy by installing six Working Groups covering the following topics:

  • Noise and traffic - there are other valuable links on this page:
    WG-I Harmonising Noise Metrics
    WG-II Information on Effects of Noise
    WG-III Harmonising Calculation and Assessment methods
    WG-IV Harmonising Noise Maps
    Effectivity of Noise Abatement Measures
    Emission Control of Railway vehicles
  • Calculation of ROAD traffic noise. Noise levels motor vehicles
  • Future Noise Policy - European Commission Green Paper - Brussels November 1996
  • 7. Noise - Towards fair and efficient pricing in transport, policy options for internalising the external costs of transport in the European Union, Green Paper presented by the Commission [COM(95)691]
  • Railway Noise - In the 1990s, reduction of railway noise is high on the agenda, due to the construction of new lines, increased and faster traffic, existing and future noise legislation and the need for the railways to compete with other modes of transport.