Academic Background

Florent Jaillet first studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Ecole Supérieure d'Electricité (Gif-Metz-Rennes, France), where he received an Engineering Degree in 2000. He then specialized in Acoustics, Signal Processing, and Computer Science applied to Music. He received his MSc in 2001 and PhD in 2005 from the Université de la Méditérannée (Aix-Marseille, France).

Current Research

Since June 2008, he has joined the project,Frame Multiplier: Theory and Application in Acoustics in the workgroup of Peter Balazs at the Acoustics Research Institute. His main scientific interests are Time-Frequency Analysis, Gabor Analysis, Audio Signal Analysis/Processing/Synthesis, 3-D audio Technologies, Audio Coding, and Psychoacoustics.