For many important applications - like virtual reality, communication, sound design, audio compression & coding, and hearing aids - a mathematical representation that matches or approximates the perception of the human auditory system is needed. For solving this critical and prominent problem, a trans-disciplinary approach is necessary. The goals of this project are:

  • design, development and evaluation of new representations of audio signals,
  • development of new tools based on the mathematic theory of time-frequency (or time-scale) representations (Gabor, wavelet or other),
  • development of the mathematic background for applications in audio perception and psychoacoustics,
  • and evaluation of these representations with auditory and psychoacoustic tests.


  • R. Kronland-Martinet, S. Ystad, T. Necciari, Modélisation, Synthèse et Contrôle des Signaux Sonores et Musicaux of the LMA / CRNS Marseille
  • S. Meunier, S. Savel, Acoustique perceptive et qualité de l’environnement sonore of the LMA / CRNS Marseille

This is a partner project of the ANR project senSons.