Gottschall, C. (2011): Truth Tables for Android (Wahrheitstabellen) (Software)


    The sole purpose of this program is generating, and displaying, truth tables on mobile devices, notably mobile telephones. The program supports all usual connectives of classical logic, that is negation, conjunction, (inclusive) disjunction, conditional (material implication), and biconditional (material equivalence), NAND, NOR, and XOR, as well as the constants 1 and 0 denoting truth and falsehood, respectively. Besides standard Peano-Russell notation, it supports Lukasiewicz's Polish notation, both on input and on output. Furthermore, the user may select the logical system from a set of finitely-many valued logics, ranging from classical logic to historically important multi-valued logics like Bocvar's or Lukasiewicz's. Being aimed at the didactic use, obviously, the program supports different levels of verbosity, ranging from showing only the evaluation of the whole proposition, up to showing all intermediate results, i.e., the evaluation of every sub-expression of the respective proposition.