Call for Papers

You are invited to submit an abstract of a paper for presentation at the IAFPA 2011 Annual Conference by 15 April 2011 (24 April 2011 Deadline extension). Abstracts will be considered by the Scientific Committee and you should receive confirmation about whether the paper has been accepted by 31th May 2011. We welcome abstracts on topics such as:

  • Speaker identification/comparison
  • Presenting evidence in court
  • Speaker profiling
  • Disputed utterances
  • Voice line-ups
  • Speech and audio enhancement
  • Authentication of recordings
  • Forensic acoustics.

A special session will be dedicated to the ongoing and important discussion of presenting evidence in court.

The topics listed above are not a complete list, and other topics would be welcome if they promote the aims of  IAFPA, which are to 'foster research and provide a forum for the interchange of ideas and information on practice, development and research in forensic phonetics and acoustics set down and enforce standards of professional conduct and procedure for those involved in forensic phonetic and acoustic casework'.
Please note that the official language of the conference is English.

Abstract Format

Abstracts should be a maximum of 2 pages in length.

In order to ensure that the abstracts have the same format for the conference programme, there is a template which you are asked to use. The template was devised by Anders Eriksson and his team for the 2006 Conference. It uses Microsoft Word and the rtf format to maximize the chances that it will produce the same end result regardless of whether you are a Mac, PC or Linux user. Please replace the text in the template with your own text. Please submit your abstract both as an rtf file and converted to a pdf file with fonts included. The rtf files will be reviewed minus the author information by the Scientific Committee.

Please submit your abstract to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



The template can be downloaded by right-clicking the link below and selecting 'Save Link As...'.

Template IAFPA


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