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PhD theses in progress:

Leykum, H.: "Ironieproduktion und -perzeption von Normalhörenden und CI-TrägerInnen", supervisor Daniel Büring (former ARI supervisor Sylvia Moosmüller †)
Klingler, N.: "Timing of Vowel and Consonant Sequences in two Varieties of  Vienna", ARI supervisor Sylvia Moosmüller †
Lindenbeck, M.: "Towards Improving Selective Hearing in Cochlear-Implant Listeners", ARI supervisor Bernhard Laback
Schmid, C.: "Lateral Variants of bosnian migrants living in Vienna", supervisor Daniel Büring (former ARI supervisor Sylvia Moosmüller †)
Wagner, B.: "Consonance and dissonance", ARI supervisor Marisa Hoeschele
Rajbamshi, S.: "Time-Frequency Methods for Signal Reconstruction and Compressed Sensing with Applications in Audio", ARI supervisor Georg Tauböck and Peter Balazs
Escudero, L.: "Multiple sampling and interpolation in weighted Fock spaces of entire functions", ARI supervisor José Luis Romero
Pollack, K.: "Non-Rigid Registration for the Calculation of Head-Related Transfer Functions", ARI supervisor Piotr Majdak
Ferber, M.: "Reweighting of Binaural Cues: Generalizability and Applications in Cochlear Implant Listening", ARI supervisor Bernhard Laback
Marafioti, A.: "Exemplar-based audio inpainting in musical signals", ARI supervisor Piotr Majdak

Completed PhD theses: