The FWF project granted LocaPhoto: Virtual Acoustics: Localization Model & Numeric Simulations, From Geometric Reconstruction to 3-D Virtual Acoustics has been granted. 

Principal Investigator: Majdak, Dr. Piotr

Co-Applicants: Wolfgang Kreuzer, Bernhard Laback

The LocaPhoto project is concerned with the localization of sound sources in the human auditory system. We will create a functional localization model with the goal of predicting localization performance for sound sources positioned in a 3-D free field. The model will include recent neuro-physiological findings and is conceived as a tool for further research on modeling the mechanisms behind spatial hearing. Further, we will develop a non-contact method to measure filters responsible for accurate sound localization in 3-D space. The method will numerically calculate the acoustic parameters of a 3-D mesh retrieved from listener's 2-D photos by using photogrammetric-reconstruction algorithms. The results will be evaluated by means of the localization model and validated in localization experiments.

LocaPhoto is a multidisciplinary 3-year FWF -funded project. Combining numerical acoustics, psychoacoustics, and computer vision, LocaPhoto involves co-operations with researchers from various Universities (MIT , Boston; University of Sydney , Australia; Technical University of Denmark) as well as a co-operation with the Zentrum für Virtual Reality and Visualisierung (VRVis, Vienna).