The FWF project "Binaural Hearing and the Cochlear Phase Response (BiPhase)" has been granted.

Pricipial Investigator: Bernhard Laback

In this project, the phase response of the cochlea is determined by a new method based on the measurement of sensitivity to interaural time differences (ITDs). In contrast to previous methods that were based on a masking paradigm, the new method does not rely on cochlear compression, and therefore has the potential to accurately measure the phase response in listeners with cochlear hearing impairment, which is characterized by lack of compression. To evaluate the new method, experiments on both normal-hearing and hearing-impaired listeners will be performed using complex tones with various uniform and nonuniform phase curvatures. The new method is expected to allow the determination of even nonuniform phase responses potentially occurring in hearing impairment with a high accuracy. Furthermore, the project will provide insight into phase effects in multi-component sounds on ITD perception, which could be exploited in future hearing devices to improve spatial hearing ability in the hearing-impaired.