Acoustic Phonetics (Research Assistant; 25% Part-Time)


Academic background

Tina Hildenbrandt studied general and applied linguistics, with main focus on generative grammar, at the University of Vienna and graduated in 2013. Her masters thesis is titled „Ach, ich und die /r/-Vokalisierung: On the difference in the distribution of [x] and [ç] in Standard German and Standard Austrian German“. She joined the ARI in March 2011.

Research Interests

Her main interest lies in theoretical linguistics (mainly syntax and phonology, especially the framework of Government Phonology) and the interaction of phonetics and phonology, primarily in dialectal variation

Current Research

Since she joined the institute in 2011, Tina Hildenbrandt works as a research assistant on the WWTF-funded project “Machine Learning Techniques for Modeling of Language Varieties“.