Nicki Holighaus

Mathematics and Signal Processing in Acoustics
Machine Learning in Acoustics
Senior Research Associate

Tel.: +43 1 51581-2532
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Scientific IDs

ORCID: 0000-0003-3837-2865
Google Scholar: Nicki Holighaus

Academic Background

Nicki Holighaus studied mathematics and theoretical computer sciences at Justus–Liebig–University, Gießen, Germany. He graduated in 2010. After three years of doctoral studies at the University of Vienna, Austria, where he worked as a research assistant at the Numerical Harmonic Analysis Group (NuHAG), he successfully defended his PhD thesis "Theory and implementation of adaptive time-frequency transforms” in October 2013.

Since August 2012 he is part of the Acoustic Research Institute's workgroup "Mathematics and Signal Processing in Acoustics" (MSPA) (2012-2013 PhD student; 2013-2018 Research Associate; since 2018 Senior Research Associate). N. Holighaus serves as deputy group leader of the MSPA group and leads the institute's interdisciplinary team "Machine Learning for Acoustics". 

Current Research

His research focuses on advanced time-frequency methods in signal processing, including time-frequency analysis, the mathematical theory and design of adaptive and adapted time-frequency representations, time-frequency processing in acoustics and the use of time-frequency representations in machine learning for acoustics.  

Current research projects: MERLIN

Current topics:

  • Theory and application of warped time-frequency representations 
  • Function spaces and discretization for structured continuous frames
  • Structure of time-frequency phase
  • Signal processing with time-frequency phase
  • Deep learning with time-frequency features
  • Neural audio generation
  • Audio inpainting with generative neural networks
  • Time-frequency processing and perception