These converters may help you to interact with the HRTFs. We recommend to read the documentation before using HRTF data.



Hrtf2DtfCtf Calculates directional transfer functions (DTFs) and the common transfer function (CTF) for the HRTFs in ARI format according to Middlebrooks (1999) and Majdak et al. (2010).
ARI2STx Convert ARI HRTFs to STx format
ARI2CIPIC Convert ARI HRTFs to CIPIC format (ARI and CIPIC database)
CIPIC2ARI Convert CIPIC HRTFs to ARI format (ARI and CIPIC database)
hor2geo Convert coordinates from the horizontal-polar system to the geodetic system ([Lat, Pol] -> [Azi, Ele])
geo2horpolar Convert coordinates from the geodetic system to the horizontal-polar system ([Azi, Ele] -> [Lat, Pol])