This documentation may help you to interact with the HRTFs.



How to use the HRTF results Results from the post processing procedure (pdf, also included in ExpSuite/AMTatARI Installer)
ARI HRTF format
Description of the HRTF ARI format (pdf, also included in ExpSuite/AMTatARI Installer)
(Description of the old HRTF ARI format v1: ARI HRTF format v1)

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Improving speech technology with the open source VOiCES dataset

ISF Gastvortrag von Michael R. Lomnitz

19. September 2019

14.30 Uhr

Seminar Room, Wohllebengasse 12-14 / Erdgeschoß

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The 10th ISCA Speech Synthesis Workshop

20. - 22. September 2019

Vienna, Austria