Acoustic Phonetics = Ac. Phonetics
Mathematics and Signal Processing in Acoustics = Maths/SP in Ac.
Psychoacoustics and Experimental Audiology = EAP
Physical and Computational Acoustics = Phys/Comp Ac.
Time-Frequency Implementation of HRTFs (HRTF-Imp)Maths/SP in Ac., EAPBalazs, Baumgartner, Majdak, MarelliFWFCompleted
AABBA - Aural Assessment By means of Binaural AlgorithmsEAPBaumgartner, Laback, MajdakCurrent
Acoustic Measurement Tool at Acoustics Research Institute (AMTatARI)EAPMajdak, MihocicCompleted
Amadee: Frame Theory for Sound Processing and Acoustic HolophonMaths/SP in Ac.Balazs, Kreuzer, Majdak, Necciari, Stoeva, ZiegelwangerCompleted
Binaural Hearing and the Cochlear Phase Response (BiPhase) EAPLaback, Majdak, Necciari, Tabuchi, ZenkeFWFCurrent
ExpSuite: Software for Psychoacoustic TestsEAPMajdak, MihocicCurrent
ITD MultElEAPEgger, Laback, MajdakCompleted
LabEquip: Equipment and Facilities in the LabEAPMajdak, MihocicCurrent
LocaPhoto: Localization Model & Numeric SimulationsEAPMajdakFWFCompleted
Measurement of Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTFs)EAPMajdak, MihocicCurrent
POTION: Perceptual Optimization of Audio Time-Frequency Representations and Coding.Maths/SP in Ac., EAPMajdak, NecciariFWF, ANRCompleted
SOFA: Spatially Oriented Format for AcousticsEAPMajdak, Mihocic, ZiegelwangerCurrent
Time Frequency Virtual Acoustics (TF-VA)EAPBaumgartner, Majdak, MarelliCompleted

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