The Acoustics Research Institute is involved in the programming and maintenance of a number of software projects with applications in acoustic research.

  • AMToolbox: Auditory-modeling toolbox for Matlab/Octave. Initiated by Peter Søndergaard. Hosted and maintained by Piotr Majdak.
  • AMUD: automatic detection and segmentation of ultrasonic vocalizations
  • ARI HRTF Database: The ARI HRTF database contains high-resolution HRTFs of more than 200 subjects.
  • ExpSuite: Software for Psychoacoustic Tests: Software framework for hearing-related experiments with acoustic and electric stimulation. Developed and hosted by ARI.
  • LTFAT: Toolbox for time-frequency analysis in Matlab/Octave. Hosted by Zdenek Prusa. Contains contributions from ARI.
  • Mesh2HRTF: Open source software collection to numerically calculate HRTFs.
  • STx: Acoustic, speech and signal processing application for Windows. Developed by ARI.
  • Subjects: Database software for subjects data. Developed and hosted by ARI.