Vienna Research Groups 2017

"Mathematics and..."

Deadline: 13 July 2017

It addresses young researchers and fitting Vienna-based research institutions at the step of forming their first working group in a multi-disciplinary environment involving maths.

For a successful application it is important that the project has a significant mathematical and a significant 'and ....' part (in our case Acoustics). The research group will be funded for 6-8 years, with up to 1.6 million Euro by the WWTF, with additional funding by the Austrian Academy of Sciences. After a successful evaluation the application will be offered a tenure-track position. Please have a look at the offical webpage.

The Acoustics Research Institute (ARI) has a lot of experience with multi-disciplinary research with a strong mathematical connection, and heartily welcomes applicants to submit a proposal together. As part of the Academy of Science the focus of ARI is pure research.

This position is somewhat comparable to an Associate Professor position with a possibility for achieving tenure, with less administrative and committees duties (as for comparable university positions), and no strict teaching duties. So the successful applicant will have a lot of time to focus on research. (Note, that some link to an Austrian university is advantageous and this could also include some non-mandatory teaching.)

The new research group is aimed for:

  • having a long-term research horizon,
  • collaborating with ARI's other working groups,
  •  striving for innovative scientific research expanding ARI's multidsciplinary connection of mathematics and applications in acoustics,

ARI is an interdisciplinary research institution of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. It undertakes fundamental research in psychoacoustics, experimental audiology, acoustic phonetics, computational acoustics, mathematics, and signal processing. A close interaction between ARI's working groups allows innovative research approaches based on the synergy from multidisciplinarity as well as creates concepts that stimulate the individual research fields. ARI currently employs approximately 40 academic, technical and administrative staff. ARI is open to new research fields that fits within its multi-disciplinary research focus in acoustics.

ARI has a long tradition of combining mathematics with applications in acoustics.

We offer the following for up to 3 promising candidates:

  • administrative and organizational support for the project proposal and during the project.
  • help in proposal writing.
  • funding one travel to visit before project submission for discussion.
  • an exquisitely equipped acoustic lab including 3 sound-proof chamber, loudspeaker arrays, microphone arrays, hardware and software for psychoacoustic behavioural experiments and EEG measurements.
  • a strong focus on research (no teaching duties).
  • some administrative duties as the leader of a group, including being part of the steering committee of ARI, and therefore some influence of the development of the institute, but no other committee or comparable  work.
  • apart from the salary according to the qualification (following the system of the Austrian Academy of Sciences) a bonus is paid for leaders of third-party funded projects (like this one). In exceptional cases a higher payment is possible with this call.
  • the Austrian Academy of Sciences is about to decide on a incentive program for high-end calls, so that additional funding might become available (currently in discussion).

If you are interested in the call please contact us!