Mathematics and Signal Processing in Acoustics
Research Scientist

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Current Research

His main interests are in approximation theory and applied harmonic analysis on manifolds.

Current topics:
-harmonic analysis on the torus, sphere, rotation group, and Grassmannian manifold
-optimal point distributions (quadrature points, low-discrepancy points, halftoning,...)
-fast and efficient algorithms (generalized fast Fourier transforms, nonlinear optimization,...)

Academic Background

Manuel Gräf studied mathematics at the Technical University of Chemnitz, Germany.
After graduating in 2008 he received his ph.D. in 2013. The thesis was about "Efficient Algorithms for the Computation of Optimal Quadrature Points on Riemannian Manifolds".
Since February 2017 he works in the Acoustics Research Institute's group on "Mathematics and Signal Processing" within the WWTF project "CHARMED" of Martin Ehler (University of Vienna).