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STx implements a powerful scripting language and a signal processing language. This document will try to give you the necessary information to program your own applications.

General introduction into programming STx applications and scripts.
A general introduction to the program architecture and the script language syntax
How to become an STx Guru in 230.195 simple steps (2005)
Source code
Detailed description of built-in (shell) commands, shell items, standard macros and classes.
Command Reference
Macro and Class Reference
Shell Items
Signal Processing Subsystem - SP-Units (SPU) and SP-Atoms
Quick Reference
How to program STx scripts and toolboxes.
The script runtime environment - application BScript
Extending STx applications - implementing a Toolbox to integrate scripts into the GUI
Script Debugger - testing and debugging scripts
STX Console
General Descriptions
Infos for STX Developers
Plans, Ideas and Wishes