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The arithmetic mean function is implemented in two versions.

Usage 1
a scalar, vector or matrix
Result 1
The result is the arithmetic mean of all elements of x

Usage 2
avr(x, flag)
a matrix
compute mean of the column vectors (flag=0) or the row vectors (flag≠0) is requsted; flag must be a scalar
Result 2
  • if flag=0: the result r is the vector of the column means
r[i] = eval avr( x[*,i], 0) // i = 0 .. ncol(x)-1
  • otherwise: the result r is the vector of the row means
r[i] = eval avr( x[i,*], 1) // i = 0 .. nrow(x)-1

See also
median, var, dev, corr, sum, hist,

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