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Exponential function

This function has several usage formats where the evaluation and the type of the result r depends on. The table below shows the possible usages and data types.
usage evaluation data type of arguments data type of result r
exp(x) ri,j = e ^ xi,j x can be any type same type as x
exp(x, yS) ri,j = yS ^ xi,j x can be any type
yS must be a scalar
same type as x
exp(xS, y) ri,j = yi,j ^ xS xS must be a scalar
y can be any type
same type as y
exp(x, y) ri,j = yi,j ^ xi,j x must be a vector or matrix
y must have the same type as x
same type as x and y
Note: The operator prefix '?' combined with the power operator '^' can be used instead of this function.
See also
log, ln, lg, lin2log, log2lin

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