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var := FORMAT formatstring arg1 [ arg2 ... ]

format formats its arguments, interpreting the first argument as a format string (almost, but not quite unlike the C-language printf command). STx formats are described in Format Strings and Rules.

#srateHz := 44100
#SRSTR := FORMAT '%.1f kHz' '$#srateHz/1000'
// Here, the variable #SRSTR is assigned the string '44.1 kHz'.

Note that, unlike with the C-language printf formats, the first argument arg1 is mandatory with the STx format command:

#str := format 'How much wood would a wood chuck chuck?' 'dummy'

Here, the dummy argument (in our case, the string constant 'dummy') is mandatory, although it will not influence the result of the string "How much wood would a wood chuck chuck?" being assigned to the variable #str.