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TRIM [ /Blanks ] [ /Characters=abcde ] /Leading|Trailing [ /Variables ] /- string(s)

The STx TRIM command removes characters from the beginning and/or from the end of one or more strings.

For each supplied string, the STx TRIM command will remove all leading (option "/Leading") and/or trailing ("/Trailing") occurrences of any white space character (option "/Blanks") and/or of any character supplied as an argument to the "/Characters" option (both options may be combined).

The command returns the trimmed strings or, if more than one string is supplied, a blank-separated list of trimmed strings.

If option "/Variables" is supplied, the arguments are considered to be the names of STx variables. In this case, the trimmed content of the respective variables is returned. The variables themselves are not altered.


#a := trim /l /b /- '   string   '

will remove all leading white space characters

#a := trim /b /l /c=abc 'aaastringccc'

will remove all leading and trailing occurrences of the characters "a", "b", and "c".