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Many STx commands support the /Silent, or /? option, though for some commands it has to be abbreviated as /ilent due to /S already having been used for different purposes. Where available, this option leads to exceptional situations being reported as warnings instead of errors.

Warnings are the same value as the error code, with 32768 added to them. E.g. the error code 282 ("cannot load XML file (no reason given)") has the warning code 33050 (282+32768). This is essential, when checking for error codes in conjunction with the silent flag.


  • There are a few commands where, before introducing the silent option, the /S flag had already been assigned to a different option. In order not to break existing user code, for the respective commands, the silent flag is indicated by a different letter (e.g. /Lisent for the LOAD command or /Ilsent for the STx command NEW).
  • Since STx version 4.0 the general flag /? can be used to specifiy the silent option. This general flag was implemeted to simplify script programming and to increase orthogonality - at least in this respect.