Current Sound File

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Information about the currently active sound file is stored in the following two variables:

CSF - containing the full path of the file

CSFH - a string of the format "srate channels samples code type mode", indicating the respective properties of the sound file

If no sound file is active, the variable CSF is empty. See Shell Environment for more details.

Sound files opened for write access (/Write) cannot be shared with other users or processes. The sound file management is normally performed by the application STx. All other applications should use the STx APPMSG interface to attach or select sound files.

The script library BSF implements a set of functions for using sound files and segments in scripts. Namely the function BSF SELECT may be used to designate a sound file as the current sound file.

You can retrieve a list of loaded sound files with the LIST SOUNDFILE command. The sound file list is globally available. The current sound file, however, is dependent on the shell environment.