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The APar element contains parameters calculated for a specific audio segment. An APar must be the child of an ASeg element. The APar element has the following attributes:

- the type of method. The following types exist:
F0 - Fundamental Frequency
RMS - Signal Energy
Phase - Phase Spectrum
ASpec - Amplitude Spectrum
Fof - Formant Frequencies
Cep - Cepstrum
LAT - Log attack time
CLPC - LPC coefficient
TFA - Amplitude Spectrogram
TFP - Phase Spectrogram
the method. The following methods exist:
FO - Formants
RMSB - Frequency Band Energy
RMS - Signal Energy (RMS)
F0A - Fundamental Frequency (SIFT)
F0B - Fundamental Frequency (autocorr.)
F0H - Fundamental Frequency (harmonic grid)
ALPHA - LPC - Error Energy
IRRSP - Irrelevance Amplitude Spectrum
IRRTH - Irrelevance Threshhold
FFT - FFT Amplitude Spectrum
FFTP - FFT Phase Spectrum
CEPST - Cepstrum Smoothed Spectrum
LOFAR - Spectrum - Cepstrum
WAVE - Wavelet Amplitude Spectrum
WAVEP - Wavelet Phase Spectrum
STFT - FFT Amplitude Spectrogram
STFTP - FFT Phase Spectrogram
STWT - Wavelet Amplitude Spectrogram
STWTP - Wavelet Phase Spectrogram
LPC - LPC Smoothed Spectrum
LPAI - LPC Inverse Filter Coefficients
LPRC - LPC Reflection Coefficients
LPAR - LPC Area Coefficients
the number of x axis
the number of y data vectors
the channel this parameter was calculated for.
the frame length in milliseconds
the frame shift in milliseconds
the number of frames
the date the parameter was saved
the time the parameter was saved