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When a key is pressed in a dialog, graph or display, a KEY message is sent to the controlling shell. The message parameter describes which key was pressed, and whether the control and/or shift keys were up or down at the time. A description of the parameter follows. Note that not all keys are sent. Only alphanumerical and some other special keys are sent. The DISPLAY, DIALOG and the GRAPH items send KEY messages.

Please note that the KEY message parameter is case sensitive.

Alphanumerical Keys

key control+key shift+key control+shift+key description
a Ca A CA Note that shift plus an alpha character sends it in upper case. This is the same for all alpha characters.
1 C1 1 C1 The shift key has no effect on a number. This is the same for all numbers.

Special Keys

key control+key shift+key control+shift+key description
Fn CFn SFn CSFn Function key[Fn]; with: n = 1 .. 12
left Cleft Sleft CSleft The left arrow button
right Cright Sright CSright The right arrow key
up Cup Sup CSup The up arrow key
down Cdown Sdown CSdown The down arrow key
previous Cprevious Sprevious CSprevious The page up key [PgUp]
next Cnext Snext CSnext The page down key [PgDn]
home Chome Shome CShome The home key
end Cend Send CSend The end key
insert Cinsert Sinsert CSinsert The insert key
delete Cdelete Sdelete CSdelete The delete key [DEL]
space Cspace Sspace CSspace The space bar (blank
add Cadd Sadd CSadd The numeric pad add [+]
subtract Csubtract Ssubtract CSsubtract The numeric pad subtract [-]
multiply Cmultiply Smultiply CSmultiply The numeric pad multiply [*]
divide Cdivide Sdivide CSdivide Thenumeric pad divide [/]
enter Center Senter CSenter The enter key [RETURN]

Notes: The key [ESC] (Escape) is never sent as a key message. It is always translated into the message itemtype itemname CANCEL.Not all [control][key] codes are defined in the ASCII character set and some are directly processed by the system. Therefore some combinations can not be translated and keyname is set to '*'. For the special keys (replaced with name strings) not all [control] and/or [shift] states are defined.

See the key_messages.sts example script to see this all in action.