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Create a new dialog-window or attach a dialog to an existing display.

With type DIALOG a dialog-box is created, which can not be resized. For type FRAME or PARENT a frame-window is created, which can be resized. If type is PARENT the window-item name is assigned to the variable PARENT, which identifies the parent-window of an application. If the argument type is the name of a display-item, a dialog-item is created and attached to the display. For the new dialog the basic settings of the dialog font and the margins are applied.


CREATEMENU type [ icon title ] [ ; [ owner ] [ /Notmodal ]

The type of menu or the name of a display item. Either one of the following keywords:
DIALOG - A dialog box which cannot be resized (the default)

FRAME - A frame window which can be resized. PARENT - A frame window which can be resized where the window-item name is assigned to the shell variable PARENT.

Or the name/id of a display item.
The index of an icon to associate with the window. See the General Descriptions icons for a list of possible icons, or specify an asterisk for the default icon.
The window caption.
The display or dialog which owns this dialog. This means:
1) that the owned window is *always* above the owner in the z-order,
2) the owned window is destroyed with the owner by the system
3) the owned window is hidden when the owner is minimized
If the flag /N is specified, the new dialog is modeless.
The default is a modal dialog.

The name of create menu-item (dialog) or an empty string.


See DOMODALDIALOG for an example.