Macros and Classes of the STx Kernal

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This section macros and classes of the STx kernal system. This macros implements the basic functions of STx, the standard applications and some common tools used by the standard applications. Most of this macros should not (or even must not) called by user scripts. The list below shows the source files that implements the STx kernal functions and standard applications. All of these files are linked to the pre-compiled macro library stx.lib.

BData.stx application for parameter export
BDataSetBrowser.stx a part of the workspace application implementing the interal functions and the GUI for the project document; controls the detail view and the overview section of the GUI
BScript script controller application; implements also the runtime environment for user scripts and the console object
BSTXIniBrowser.stx a part of the workspace application implementing the interal functions and the GUI for the workspace document; controls the application & setup and the script controller section of the GUI
CappSetup.stx implements the setup dialogs for all viewer applications, the viewer startup and cleanup modul, the viewer batch processing and classes which implements the viewer2 parameters
CGraphSetup.stx implements the dialogs and the management functions for the STx graphics profiles; some of the functions may be useful for scripts using displays and graphs.
DataSet.stx workspace application; this file contains also the macro DataSetCmd which implements functions for accessing the workspace GUI from user scripts
FindFile.stx sound file search and management application
Recorder.stx signal recording application (using standard windows sound devices)
StdLib.stx implements the master shell, the application management and some other basic functionalities, but also some utility functions which are also useful for script programming
Viewer1.stx waveform viewer and segmentation application
Viewer2.stx spectrogram and parameter viewer and segmentation application
Viewer3.stx spectrum viewer

Alphabetical List of Macros and Classes