LogWindow - Log-window control function

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This macro can be used to show/hide the Log-window and to clear its content.

The Log-window is always visible. The show/hide command toggles between the small-window (displayed in the top/left corner of the desktop) and the large-window (with size and position set by the user). The log-window is mostly used for debug purposes, because all debug information (macro load errors, command traces, ..) are written into the log-window. The menus of the Log-window implements configuration dialogs and application control commands.

LogWindow Show
Show the large version of the Log-window; restores the last position and size of the window.
LogWindow Hide
Show the small version of the Log-window in the upper right corner of the monitor.
LogWindow Toggle
Toggles between the large and the small version.
LogWindow Clear
Clear the window content.
See also
macro ConLog, commands WriteLog and Message