Macros and Classes of the Standard Library

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This section describes the STx standard macros and classes. They are all linked into the library file stx.lib, which is part of the standard installation, and loaded on program start. A detailed description is only given for the most useful macros and classes. For a description of all other macros and classes not described here, you must look to the source files.

Alphabetical List of Macros and Classes

Quick Overview

Name Description
BUtil misc. utility functions
UM or EM simple message boxes to display user- and error-messages
ConLog write messages to script console and/or Log-window
LogWindow Log-window control functions
ShowItem show shell item properties and/or data
BSF soundfile management functions
DataSetCmd interface to the main application (Workspace) and its GUI
Name Description Parent-Class
CObj the base class for all STx classes
BSeq create, configure and manage a signal sequence CObj
BXMLDoc general xml document CObj
BSTXIni the workspace document BXMLDoc
BDataSet project document and project management BXMLDoc

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