ShowItem - Display shell item properties and/or data

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SHOWITEM itemname [ ; title ]
Show properties or data of the shell item itemname in a popup dialog.
argument description
itemname The name of the shell item to be displayed
title The dialog window caption
RESULT description
undefined the return value of this macro is undefined and should always be ignored

The displayed data depend on the type of the shell item itemname.

simple table
The content (data entries) of the table is displayed. The conext menu functions can be used to copy or save the data.
extended table and parameter table
The content of the table can be displayed in 3 formats (Format=read, Format=write, default). If the format default is selected, the table fields are displayed in separate columns. Also the field definitions (Field Defs.) can be displayed. The different formats are selected in the context menu, which also implements functions to copy or save the table content. Tagged entries are selected.
Display the numerical data hold by the value item. The conext menu functions can be used to copy or save the data.
text file and xml file
Display the content of the file item. Text files are displayed as a list (line by line) and the elements of xml files are displayed as a tree.
section file
A list of all sections of the file is displayed, and the content of each section can be viewed in a text window.