Running STx under Linux or macOS

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STx can be run on a Linux machine using WINE.


Here are two possibilities for getting STx running on macOS. They are, however, untested:


You can try using WinBottler (previously called Darwine). This is a port of WINE for macOS.

Virtual Machine

You can install a Windows virtual machine using software like Parallels Desktop or VirtualBox. You will need a Windows license.


PlayOnLinux under Ubuntu 17.10

The following are settings which have been helpful in getting STx to run under WINE using PlayOnLinux.

WINE configuration


  • Disable "Allow the window manager to decorate the windows"
  • Enable "Allow the window manager to control the windows"


If STx can't find an audio device, there may be a problem with the permissions in the .wine folder. One user found that this folder was not owned by them, but rather by root. They deleted the .wine folder, and started STx with wine stx.exe thereby recreating the .wine directory. The audio device was then found by STx.