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The STx debugger is a very useful application if you are writing STx scripts.

Dbg overview.png

Break Points

Displays all defined break points. Break points are points in the code where the debugger will automatically stop at if reached whilst running.

Loaded Codes

Displays a list of all macros, classes and spus currently loaded in STx. Double-clicking on a code item displays the corresponding code in the window source code window above.

Debugger Hotkeys

Ctrl+R, F5 = run

Ctrl+S, F8 = step (over)

Ctrl+I, F11 = step into

Ctrl+O, Ctrl+F11 = step out

Ctrl+B = set / clear breakpoint at current line of source listing

Ctrl+A = clear all breakpoints

Ctrl+1 = switch to local var-list

Ctrl+2 = switch to member var-list.

Ctrl+3 = switch to shell var-list

Ctrl+4 = switch to global vars-list

Ctrl+5 = switch to item-list

Ctrl+6 = switch to code-list

Ctrl+7 = switch to breakpoint-list

Shell Items

A list of all instances of shell items currently available in this shell. Double-clicking on an item will display it if possible (i.e. if it is not locked and their is a display method for it).


You can view all the variables currently defined in the debugger. Double clicking on a variable allows you to edit its value.

Local Vars

Lists all variables and variable values in the local namespace.

Member Vars

Lists all member variables in the active instance. If no instance is active, nothing is shown.

Shell Vars

Lists all shell variables and their values in the active shell.

Global Vars

Lists all global variables and their values.