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Stx dialog setup and control.png

Active Applications

The Setup & Control dialog displays a list of applications which are currently active in STx. You can bring the selected application to the front (Show) or send it to the back (Hide). You can close the application with Exit (this is the same as pressing the close button). If you need to 'kill' an application because it has crashed or is in an infinite loop then press Abort. You can open the debugger with Debug.

Debug Mode

Set the Debug Mode (default: Off). If you are developing scripts, set the mode to Scripts. All other modes are only really useful for the Acoustics Research Institute, since they need the internal sourcecode. See the Debugger for more details.

Default Application

Set the startup application. The default is the DataSet (Workspace).

Report Runtime Errors

If you turn Report Runtime Errors on, STx will inform you of every command error that occurs via a dialog box.