Editing segments

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You can edit segments in the Workspace Detail by right-clicking on a segment and selecting Edit from the context menu. You can also edit segments in Waveform & Segmentation Viewer and Spectrogram & Parameters Viewer segments dialog.

Ws dialog aseg properties.png

a unique identifier for all elements on this level. Note the segment name restrictions.
segment address - the address of the segment.
The segment channel. Note that playing a segment does not use the segment channel value (the playback channel settings are used).
Template-based editing
The edit segment dialog can use an existing template to facilitate data entry.
This indicates if the attribute is a reserved system attribute (R), an attribute specified in the associated ASeg template (T) or a user-defined attribute (U).
Add or remove an attribute.
Save the segment using the current ID.
Cancel without saving the changes.

Res icon play.png

Play the segment addressed by the segment address.

You can edit multiple segments by selecting multiple segments in the Workspace Detail and selecting Edit from the context menu.