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The Find Segments dialog is used to populate a segment list with segments from the current project. It is therefore only available if the selected element in the Overview is a segment list. You can open the Find Segments dialog with the hotkey F3.

Ws dialog find segments.png

audioset type
Search for segments in either sound files, sequences or both (all).
base set
Select the base set in which to search. This is set the root element (/) by default.
audioset search expression
Select which audio sets to search by specifying, for example, the sampling rate (SR:==:44100).
segment range
Select a segment or time range in which to search. For example, specifying inside and 0s_120s would only search in the first 120 seconds of the signal.
segment length
Limit search according to segment length.
segment search expression
Select attributes by which to filter the search results. E.g. you could look for all segments with the text 'beautiful' by entering Text:=I:beautiful.
empty list
If checked, the list is emptied before the search begins. Otherwise, the search results are appended to the current segment list.