Importing and Exporting Project Metadata

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If your project is unlinked, you can import and export metadata explicitly or automatically.

Automatic Import/Export

By default, project files are linked, and metadata for each sound file is imported and exported at the beginning and end of every STx session. If you change this behaviour (see Linked and unlinked project files), you can still automatically import and export the metadata. Set the Workspace menu items Special > Sound File > Segment Metadata Update > Auto-Load and Special > Sound File > Segment Metadata Update > Auto-Save. You can also set these settings in the Display Layout and Format dialog.

Explicitly Importing/Exporting Metadata

You can explicitly import or export sound file metadata for all sound files in the project by choosing the Workspace menus Special > Soundfile > SD0 Update > Load and Special > Soundfile > SD0 Update > Save. You can import or export individual sound file metadata by right-clicking on the sound file in the Overview and choosing Export or Import (See the specific context menu for details).

When importing metadata, an XML metadata file takes precedence over an SD0 file, which in turn takes precedence over an ST5 file. If you need to import from an SD0 file, you must therefore delete the associated XML metadata file if it exists. STx no longer exports SD0 or ST5 files.Importing or exporting a large project can take some time - you are advised to sort large projects to improve performance.