Linked and unlinked project files

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There are two types of project files: linked and unlinked.

Linked Project Files

Linked project files do not store sound file metadata in the project file itself. The metadata is stored in a metadata file alongside the sound file. This is useful, if you use the same sound file and metadata in different projects. The metadata file has the extension stxsm. The metadata is loaded from the metadata file when the project file is opened, and saved when the project file is saved.


An unlinked project file contains all the metadata for the included sound files. This is useful, if you are working on the same sound files as other people, but want your own distinct segmentation.

Switching Between Linked and Unlinked

You can change a project file's type by right-clicking on the STXDataSet entry in the Overview window and selecting Link or Unlink.

SD0 and ST5 Files

SD0 and ST5 formats can still be imported into project files. These formats can, however, no longer be exported.