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Segment, Segment Name, Segment ID

A segment is a named sequence of contiguous sound samples in a signal stream. A segment can be associated with a sound file or a sequence. Segments can also be organized in segment lists; however the sound file associated with the listed segments must be in the Project. Segments support user-defined attributes useful for e.g. linguistical annotations.

Segments are accessible in the View Segment in the Detail as well as in the different analysis display modules (Waveform & Segmentation Viewer, Spectrogram & Parameters Viewer and Spectrum Viewer).

The segment address is relative to the beginning of the underlying sound stream. If the underlying sound stream is modified (e.g. the order in a sequence) then the segments will no longer necessarily address the correct positions.

Here are a couple of segments displayed in the Spectrogram & Parameters Viewer viewer.

Stx ug segment viewer2 example.PNG

Segment Name Restrictions

A valid segment name must begin with a letter and may only contain numbers, letters and the following special characters: !,#,@,& or .. It may not contain an underliner or begin with a number.

Creating Multiple Segments

Sometimes it is useful to segment a file with blocks of segments with a specific length. The menu item Special -> Sound File -> Create Blocks will display the Create Block-Segments to help you do this.